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One Planet seeks Summer Staff!

One Planet is the WRVSU's afterschool and summer camp program. We have openings for head teachers, teaching assistants, and enrichment program leaders. Please fill out the application form here and contact Hayley Zoerheide at hzoerheide@wrvsu.org with any questions.

Success Club
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Success Club meets Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and full day Fridays in the library, from 3pm - 4:30pm

All athletes are required to attend if they are failing a class.  They need to continue to attend until all grades are passing

Any students on campus after 3:30 must be in the library, meeting with a staff member, or at another scheduled club event.

Success Club is open to all students. Staff will be available to help with classwork/homework.

Royalton Campus

223 South Windsor St, Royalton VT 05068

Tel. 802-763-7740

Bethel Campus

273 Pleasant Street, Bethel VT 05032

Tel. 802-234-9966


WRVSU's 2022-2025 Strategic Plan available online here and a list of locations where you can find a hard copy of the plan is available here.