White River Valley School Athletics

Heidi Wright, Co-Curricular Director
Wildcat Athletic Program

Bethel Campus 
WRVMS, Bethel Elementary
273 Pleasant Street
Bethel, VT. 05032
(Athletic facility address: 150 Pleasant Street)
Phone: 802-234-9966
Fax: 802-234-6607

Royalton Campus
WRVHS, South Royalton Elementary
223 South Windsor Street
South Royalton, VT. 05068
Phone: 802-763-7740, ext. 2060
Fax: 802-763-3233

Before students can participate in an extracurricular activity or the sport, they and their parents/guardians must read and sign all required forms.

White River Valley School subscribes to high expectations for its student athletes and those students who participate in extracurricular school activities. Your decision to participate in a WRVS athletic team is your personal choice. Once this decision is made, you become a member of the team and a representative of the school and its surrounding community.

Please understand and accept that there is always inherent risk of serious injury (including fatality) whenever you are involved in an extracurricular activity.