Food and Nutrition

Welcome to the White River Valley Food Services Page and a little insight into how we want the kids and our community to embrace food.  
Food is our source of energy for the day, food is how we view ourselves and others, food is a form of communication, food creates our culture, food is what makes us who we are.  Because of these beliefs the employees of the White River Valley Food Service strive to deliver fresh snacks and meals everyday that the kids will find attractive to eat, attractive to taste and are made of the freshest ingredients made available to us.

Free and Reduced Meals Application, HERE
Food Service Welcome Letter, HERE
Meal Charge Policy, HERE
MealTime Website Link, HERE

Below is a google calendar with the daily offerings from Breakfast to Snack to Lunch.  
We can make this calendar available for your use at home. 
Send me an email at "[email protected]" and I will send you a link to add to your google calendar. 
Once loaded you will get notifications on your desktop at home or at the office, no need to check back here.  
Thanks for letting us feed your kids!!!